Undergrad Portfolio

A sample collection of my undergraduate work.


The Blue Lotus logo was developed based off of the health benefits of tea. This idea expanded to the physical, emotional and spiritual health. Blue Lotus Tea House embodies the idea of health inside and out which is represented by the symbol of the blue lotus itself.

The demographics for the Blue Lotus brand focused on  a mature and local audience who is interested in maintaining or beginning a health regimen.  

Development for this identity revolved around the blue lotus as the symbol of the victory over the senses, intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. The abstracted lotus petals wrap around the “b” to allow the logo mark to become unique and memorable. The Japanese symbols for health near the stem of the “b”, balance the composition and also create a sense of mystery to the brand.
The design elements for the stationery were chosen to create a sense of calmness and well being. Blue Lotus’s logo is placed at the same scale on each stationery element in order to establish consistency and strengthen identity branding.
Blue Lotus’s primary packaging was developed to ensure the quality and freshness of the tea would keep for long periods of time. Through research it was discovered loose leaf tea is best preserved in tins. Secondary packaging holds four tins stacked vertically and dispenses easily at the bottom.  The bottoms of the tins have a slight edge so they are easy to grip and pull. 
New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers

New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers is a non-profit organization in La Crosse which provides shelter and counseling services to victims of domestic violence. The shelter’s Crisis Advocates provide support and advocacy for women and children through their shelter stay. Through community donations, New Horizons is able to provide families with clothing and personal care items. During a summer internship in 2010 with Viterbo University, this logo was chosen by New Horizons to be their new identity.

The graphics focus on the tagline of New Horizons, “Breaking silence.  Empowering lives.” The butterfly is depicted sequentially to represent how a victim can become empowered to change their life, from their time at the shelter and through counseling. Purple is used for the New Horizons logo to represent the color for domestic abuse awareness.  A purple tint is used to lighten the mood and enhance the idea of the victim breaking free from the darkness of abuse.  
The New Horizons’ stationery system is simple and direct with a focus on the accessibility of the contact information. For the letterhead the contact information is grouped into two categories: La Crosse County and Trempealeau County.  The web address is incorporated into the Trempealeau County information in order to keep the text blocks uniform. The business card  groups the information into 5 categories. The specific information is broken down into first and last name, position, phone number with extension and e-mail address.
Digital image artist, Maggie Taylor was a prominent factor in the inspiration of this piece. With her use of scale, bold colors, and artistic references to Alice in Wonderland,  she recreates scenes with her own vision.

The concept is inspired by a very specific scene in The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy is walking through the woods repeating, “Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!” The title of the piece “No Place” references the clicking of the ruby slipper, as Dorothy recites, “there’s no place like home.” The juxtaposition of the animals and Dorothy ensure that her only way to get home would be through the use of the
ruby slipper.

Photographs of the lion, tiger, and bear are original photos shot on location at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI. Other original photography include the background scene, steps, ruby slipper and blue trailer. The vintage image of the girl was scanned in and retouched to add color.Photoshop brushes were applied to create texture, contrast and color burns. The lion was then silhouetted from the original photograph and superimposed on top of the blue trailer. 
"My Tomorrows"

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people 15-24 years of age. Symptoms of depression can often go overlooked until it is too late.   

High school to college age people who may be experiencing symptoms of depression or thoughts 
of suicide.

The battle with depression can often hold people back from living their lives. The chains represents the battle to overcome depression and how it can hold a person back from living their life. Diaries entries are featured from the top left corner and rotate in order clockwise. As the diary entries progress the mood turns from severe depression to hope for the future.

Original photography was set to depict the inner battle and feeling the girl may be facing. A series of filters and brushes were adding to the photos to enhance the tone of the piece. Diary entries are hand rendered to show the progression from depression to inner peace. 
"Tea Parties gone Wild"
For this project, the Psychology Department at Viterbo was a huge resource in the development of this piece. With presentations on the effects of alcohol abuse in the home, this project revolved around how children can model behaviors related to alcohol.

The development of the conceptual image began with a classic playtime activity for young girls; the tea party.  A reinterpretation of the teapot allowed for the introduction of the keg elements to form a new juxtaposition of both forms to create the teakeg.

Using a figure ground relationship, the teakeg bleeds into the bright pink background, while the white dots help to form to the rounded shape of the object. A hot pink background was chosen to represent young girls who may model behaviors involved with alcohol abuse. The Girls Gone Wild, identity lends itself to the concept of how alcohol abuse can influence girls’ behaviors. A double stroke was applied to the letter forms while a light pink fill was introduced. 
Polar Bears are at the forefront of extinction and sustainability awareness. Every day global warming causes them to lose more of their natural habitat and force them to go to great measures to find a sufficient food supply.

Even though society is aware of extinction, many people do not realize the vast numbers of species that have become extinct. The focus of this poster was to get viewers to see the variety of animals that no longer exist due to global warming, and ask themselves who will be next on the list?

The image of the polar bear is framed inside the silhouette of ten different species that have become extinct in the last twenty years. Each species is stamped with the red extinct mark to show the permanent fate that has met these creatures. The name of the species and year of extinction is placed towards the bottom of the piece, to allow for a chronological account of the damage that has already been done. The ambiguous figure/ground relationship forming the polar bear’s face offers a ghostly appearance.
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